Let’s get 2019 started on the right track!

IMPORTANT: This is a time-sensitive limited offer. We know this is a busy time of year but please read carefully as you may not see this page again…

Dear Parent,

Would you like your son or daughter to get the best possible start in Term 1, 2019?

If so, perhaps you might like to secure one of our limited number of Kickstart sessions in January

What is a “Kickstart” session?

This is a special educational/performance coaching session to help children and teens:

✅ Review their performance in 2018 (the good and the bad)
✅ Celebrate achievements and learn from mistakes (growth mindset)
✅ Set realistic and specific goals for 2019
✅ Get organised and motivated
✅ Boost self-belief and self-confidence
✅ Learn how to find the right balance
✅ Learn new strategies to cope with stress and reduce anxiety
✅ And have a break from the electronics and gadgets 🙂

Why is January the best time of the year to do this?

The festive season is over and the pressure and distractions of school are (temporarily) gone…

This means kids are finally able to think more clearly and are far more receptive to learning new skills and strategies and finding a “fresh focus” for the new year…

What is the fee?

The fee is only $150 (less any rebate) and must be paid securely online when you book.

In other words you will save $100 on the standard $250 fee.

When are these sessions available?

We have a limited number of dates available for Kickstart sessions at this special rate between Monday 7th January and Friday 2nd February.

How to book?

Click the button below to choose a time from our calendar and secure your place:

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