I CAN really do it now!

I had a wonderful uplifting experience on the weekend at the Hay House, “I CAN do it!” conference. Over 3,000 people packed the Melbourne Conference Centre to hear speakers from around the globe talk about life and how we can connect with our core selves and live with joy.

The keynote speakers included Dr Wayne Dwyer, Deepak Chopra and Doreen Virtue and there were several other inspirational speakers mixed in to the program.

Dwyer reflected on life and despite clearly being in a lot of physical pain was able to deliver a powerful message. Nick Ortner demonstrated the use of an interesting concept known as “tapping” to help remove negative thought patterns. Chopra delivered a solid message, combining meditation and science in an accessible way.

Doreen captivated the audience with stories of angels. Sonia Choquette charmed everyone with her uplifting spirit-filled message and even had us all up and dancing! Joe Dispenza challenged us to think in the future, rather than in the past. And Lisa Williams had everyone on the edge of their seats with her entertaining presentation about “Messages from Beyond”.

A few snippets…

Life gives us exams and if you don’t pass them the first time, you need to do them again!

It is important to find your excitement in life, the thing that makes you feel good!

Find that passion within you, what you are here for.

Live your life for a purpose, but detach from the outcome, as it is already taken care of.

I need to ask myself, “What is the lesson I am learning here?” Rather than going into fear mode.

On the Ego

Anything that changes isn’t real. We need to get past the notion of cause and effect and understand that we are infinite beings. The soul, which is in each of us, is formless and it is the part of us that wants to expand and grow. The ego is the false self. We need to be become aware of the ego’s influence on our lives and not let it control us.

You can either be a host to the power of your spirit or a hostage to your ego – It’s your choice!

About Love

  1. Human Love – it changes, varies and constantly changes.
  2. Spiritual Love – a love that never changes, love that we have for our children. A love that you can’t take away.
  3. Divine Love – Love that never changes, never varies and is in all of us. The way we are loved by our source of being. A love that has no opposite. Imagine a love with no opposite! It’s like being on the sun, there is no room for darkness.

So what does this mean for parents and kids?

Our intellect is a powerful force, yet it needs to be contained. Our ego is the part of the mind that judges or criticises us. We need to be aware of this, catch the ego when it judges us and respond accordingly.

As parents we are creating the future ego or internal judge for our children. That is a pretty scary thought and a huge responsibility!

We see love each day and that spiritual connection we have with our kids should inspire and motivate us to become aware of who we are as individuals and to create a connected community.

Divine love exists and we can experience it in our lives if we are open enough and fully aware in the present moment. We do need to wake up, become aware of who we are and of the reality we wish to create for our future and our kids’ futures. We need to move from just surviving to truly thriving!

The Beatles were on the right track when they sang “All you need is love!” It is not entirely true that all you need is love, but it’s a fabulous place to start!


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