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We made a video last week for the website. It was certainly a new experience for me! Writing the script took some time, but actually delivering the lines was another story! After a few takes, many laughs and some double takes, I was able to overcome my stage fright and deliver the lines in a semi-coherent way. 🙂

We took the main part of the video at the front reception, with my favourite photo if a perfectly breaking wave as a backdrop.

I have included the script below, as I wasn’t able to remember it all and other parts have been edited, to make the video more concise. We got the main message across…

Why did you start Melbourne Child Psychology?
I started the practice to help kids reach their full potential at school and in life. I love helping people enjoy life to the full. It is not just about overcoming a specific problem. It is about living in the moment and living with joy.

What types of issues can you help with?
We help with all sort of issues such as anxiety, depression, friendship problems, study skills, learning difficulties or giftedness and helping parents manage difficult behaviour.

We assess kids who are struggling at school and find the best strategies to help them achieve their full potential based on their individual learning profile. We can help kids with attention problems such as AD/HD and provide useful strategies to assist their learning at school and functioning in general.

We offer an anxiety clinic with specialised programs based on university research that help kids and teens overcome anxiety and feel more confident. We also teach mindfulness. Mindfulness is a popular concept in psychology at the moment. Mindfulness means paying attention with flexibility, openness and curiosity. It helps people to live in the now and feel more empowered. We also go one step further and help children define their core values and strengths and set realistic goals.

What do you like about working with kids?
I love working with kids because we have have fun in our sessions! While therapy is sometimes hard work as we deal with difficult problems, our number one goal is to engage kids in the process. We play games, draw pictures and laugh! We love playing with toys and use them effectively in the therapeutic process. Working with kids is so rewarding as it can be life changing. I wouldn’t want to do any other job!

We have also created a fun, peaceful environment based on an ocean and sea theme. All our consulting rooms are named after beaches. Check out Atlantis – I just love this wallpaper art and your kids will too!

What help do you offer for parents?
We don’t only work with kids, we fulling engage with parents. I used to think that parents were some sort of “scary monsters” to be avoided at all costs! Yet over the years I have found it essential to get parents on board and involved in the process. So we work with both parents and kids. Sometimes separately and sometimes together. At the end of each session we invite parents into the room to share what we have done, to set some activities for the coming week and to review our goals. This the only way to work with kids and it works wonders! It changes lives and really makes a difference. That’s why we do it!

What makes you different?
We are a specialised Child Psychology Practice and all of our psychologists are qualified in educational and developmental psychology.

We only employ permanent psychologists, not independent contractors.

We discuss cases as a team, which helps to explore all the possibilities.

We have a rigorous selection process and I am 100% confident in our psychologists’ ability to provide the best possible care for your child. I am truly blessed to have such a great team. They are so vibrant and friendly – your child will love them too!

I have personally developed child friendly worksheets and assessment tools that we use on a daily basis and we keep these relevant and up to date!

What’s the next step?
The next step is to book a 30 minute initial consultation with us. This is for parents only.

In this session we will listen to your family’s story and take a detailed background history of your child’s current issues. We then create an action plan with you and carefully explain every part of it so you can make a fully-informed decision. You will leave with a feeling of confidence and some specific goals we can help you to achieve.

I encourage you to take a few minutes now and have a read through our website. When you are ready to book your initial consultation, simply call us on 1300 603 933 or click the “book now” button on any page of our site.

I look forward to speaking with you and helping your child learn to thrive!

Special Thanks
Special thanks to:

Amy and Kirsty at Jaggers Hair in Port Melbourne, for Hair and Makeup. They always do a fabulous job!

Adrian Cabrie, from Melbourne SEO Services & Melbourne Video Production he was so patient and encouraging during the filming. I can highly recommend him. He was also very prompt in getting the edited video to us and did a wonderful job!

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