Why Choose Us?

We know it can be difficult to take that first step towards finding a psychologist to help your child…

You might be wondering…

  • … what if the service is not the ‘right fit’ for me or my child?
  • … what if the psychologist doesn’t have the right expertise for my child’s particular issues?
  • … what if my child doesn’t relate to the psychologist?

There can be a lot of “what ifs” to consider! 😕

So with that in mind, here are eight reasons to choose us:

1. Child and adolescent experts

We work exclusively with children, from preschoolers to teenagers, and their parents.

And are focused on helping kids not only overcome personal challenges and adversity…

…but also learn how to achieve their full potential and thrive!

2. Education and school experts

Our psychologists are experts in child development, learning and education.

All of them have postgraduate training AND experience working in schools….

Not only can we help with your child’s immediate challenges, we can also help you navigate the school system to get the best possible results for your child – throughout their school years.

3. Breadth and depth of experience

Our experience spans a wide range of childhood mental health, learning and developmental issues, including:

  • Emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, anger management, difficult behaviour, divorce, relaxation and stress management
  • Social issues – friendship problems, bullying and relationship difficulties
  • Learning challenges – dyslexia and other learning difficulties, applying for special needs funding or special consideration
  • Study skills – techniques and strategies to improve learning, study and exam effectiveness
  • Thinking skills – critical thinking, problem solving and creative solutions
  • Asperger’s Syndrome – targeted counselling programs to help children and parents
  • …and more!

4. Private, discreet and confidential

School counsellors, psychologists and welfare officers are an important source of help for many children…

But it can be difficult for kids to visit the counsellor at a busy school campus without any of their classmates or teachers noticing…

You might also have genuine concerns about how impartial or confidential the service is…

(Especially if your child needs help with any issues that could be sensitive for the school.)

So if this is a concern for you?

You’ll be pleased to know we are a fully private service so you will get completely confidential, impartial and independent help and advice…

Of course, you might still want your child’s psychologist to communicate with the school and we are always happy to do this with your consent…

But the difference is that YOU are in control of the information.

5. Easy and approachable

We make it easy for parents to get the right help.

The first step is to book an initial parent consultation.

This is your opportunity to meet the psychologist, make sure it is the right fit for your child, discuss the issues in detail and get the right advice for your specific needs.

At the initial parent consultation you can discuss the issues in detail and make an informed decision before committing to any further services.

We are confident you will find your child’s psychologist to be:

  • Warm and friendly, yet professional
  • Natural and personable
  • Genuine and compassionate
  • Positive, supportive and engaging
  • Understanding and not judgemental

6. Vital skills training

We don’t just help your child cope with a bit of a ‘rough patch’ or deal with one particular problem.

We teach your child invaluable life skills they need to:
  • cope with adversity
  • build resilience
  • understand their personal strengths and weaknesses
  • think critically
  • set goals and get motivated
  • manage stress and anxiety
  • study and learn more effectively
  • …and achieve their full potential!

7. Standard of Professional Care

To ensure we find the best possible staff we conduct an extensive screening and selection process with background checks and multiple stages.

So you can be assured that your child will receive the highest possible standard of care.

8. Instant Medicare and Private Health Rebates!

We can process your Medicare or private health rebate via our HICAPS electronic claims system on the spot.

This means no waiting in lines or messing around online to submit your claims…saving you both time and frustration. 😎

“Ok that all sounds good… But how can I be sure that the psychologist will be able to help my child?”

Great question.

In fact, there is no such guarantee with any service and that’s why it’s important to make sure the psychologist is the right fit before you commit to any services for your child…

Which is why we schedule an initial parent-only consultation as the first step…

This is your opportunity to meet the psychologist in person, discuss your concerns in detail and confirm it’s a good fit…

…in a relaxed and convenient way, without any obligation to proceed with further appointments for your child…

“I think you might be able to help me… What should I do next?”

When you are ready to take the next step please click the button below to get started.

(Or you can read more about who we help).

How can we help?

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Why have 2,866* parents chosen us?

(*As of 24th July, 2019.)

  • Private and confidential: We are a private service so you will receive 100% independent and confidential advice.
  • Child and adolescent experts: We only work with school age children, teenagers and parents.
  • Education and school experts: We will help you navigate the school system to get the best possible results for your child.
  • Qualified and experienced: We only employ psychologists with a master degree or higher and experience working in schools.
  • Fast appointments: We don't keep a waiting list and see most new clients within 7 days.
  • Convenient location: We are in Middle Park with easy access from many parts of Melbourne and unrestricted street parking.
  • Trusted methods: We use approaches that are strongly supported by research evidence or clinical experience.
  • Lovely beachside office: You will love our quiet, modern and attractive office, with its beach and ocean-themed rooms.