Appointment Cancellation Policy

Please read this policy carefully.

You do not have to agree to this policy however we will be unable to provide you with the service without your agreement.

The act of booking any appointment with our service means that you agree to this policy in full.

1. Why do we need this cancellation policy?

  • It is not possible to fill a 50+ minute session with short notice
  • Your psychologist dedicates significant time and care to session planning and preparation
  • Your psychologist only has two after school session times to offer per day
  • To be fair to other clients who would have taken the appointment time if given sufficient notice
  • There are substantial overhead costs associated with providing you with this service

2. Cancellation notice required to avoid fees:

  • For all COUNSELLING appointments we require at least THREE (3) FULL BUSINESS DAYS* notice of cancellation
  • For a single ASSESSMENT appointment we require at least SEVEN (7) FULL CALENDAR DAYS* notice of cancellation
  • At least FOURTEEN (14) CALENDAR DAYS notice is required to cancel an assessment service (if you are not rescheduling)

*Except in the case of an illness or family emergency – see below.

3. What is meant by a “business day”?

Business days include any normal weekday other than a public holiday or office closure period, between the hours of 9.30am and 6pm.

For example, notice given on a Thursday at 2pm for an appointment at 2pm the following Tuesday is three business days – assuming no public holidays fall in between.

4. What is the cancellation fee?

  • For all COUNSELLING appointments the cancellation fee is 50% of the full consultation fee
  • For a single ASSESSMENT appointment (where the entire assessment service is NOT cancelled) the cancellation fee is 50% of the full consultation fee
  • If you provide less than FOURTEEN (14) CALENDAR DAYS notice of the full cancellation of an assessment service you will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the deposit amount paid to book the service

5. Are there any exceptions?

Yes – IF your psychologist is able to offer a suitable alternative time within the SAME calendar week AND you reschedule (and attend) the rescheduled appointment, a cancellation fee will NOT apply.

6. What is meant by “illness or family emergency”?

We understand that illnesses and family emergencies sometimes occur and we will not charge a cancellation fee in such cases.

A medical certificate may at our discretion be required to waive the cancellation fee.

For clarity, please note the following examples of “family emergencies”:

  • An illness, injury or death
  • A car accident
  • A robbery or assault

Please also note the following examples which are not considered “family emergencies” under this policy:

  • A meeting called at work or any changes to work rosters or travel requirements
  • A school, sports or extracurricular event
  • A family activity or holiday
  • Changes to the availability of a babysitter or child care service

Although we accept that such events may be beyond your control and can be genuine reasons for late cancellation, we still require that you take responsibility for these types of circumstances and a cancellation fee would still apply.

7.  What happens if a cancellation fee is not paid promptly?

If a cancellation fee is charged under this policy and you do not pay the fee promptly we will be unable to continue providing you with the service. We also reserve the right to take any further reasonable action necessary to recover any unpaid fees and to bill you for any reasonable additional costs incurred in taking such action.

We hope you find this to be a fair and reasonable policy and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.