On Thursday 25th October from 4.30pm to 6.30pm, our psychologists are running a special small group PD training:

“What Every Primary Teacher Should Know About Learning Difficulties”

Dear Primary Teacher,

Would you like to better understand the early signs of learning difficulties in students?

Have you ever been unsure about when assessment or intervention for a learning issue is appropriate?

Have you ever wondered how to understand the results and outcomes of a psycho-educational assessment report?

Would you like to know more about evidence-based approaches to learning intervention?

Have you ever found it hard to clearly explain these issues to parents?

Or found that children sometimes get embarrassed by learning support?

If so, you will love this PD!

In this training you will discover:

 What are the most common learning difficulties for primary age students? (Including reading, spelling, written expression, maths, attention and memory.)

 How do these issues appear in primary students? (The signs to look out for at different ages.)

 How do we assess and diagnose these issues?

 What tests are used and what do they examine?

 When is learning assessment appropriate?

 How to understand assessment results and reports.

 How do the results of an assessment help to form an intervention plan – for the classroom and at home?

 What types of learning interventions can be helpful for specific issues at different ages?

 How to implement learning support in an emotionally-sensitive way. (Without causing embarrassment for the child.)

 How to talk about these issues with parents to avoid conflict and keep everyone “on the same page”.

 And answers to your specific questions and challenges.

This session will include a strong focus on practical “real world” advice you can immediately apply to help improve learning outcomes for your students.

The training will be provided by psychologists with postgraduate training in Educational and Developmental Psychology and extensive experience in learning assessment and interventions.

Feel empowered with practical, up-to-date information so you can help improve learning outcomes for your students.


Thursday, 25th October at 4.30pm-6.30pm


Suite 1 / 11 Beach Street
Port Melbourne VIC 3207

 How much?

$95 per person

 How to register?

Simply click the button below and fill in your details.

After you register we will email your tax invoice within 2 working days.

Only a few places are available and we don’t know if we will offer this training again…

So if you think this might be helpful?

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